Event Rental Services for NYC Events
Event Rental Services
When you host an event at Go Studios you are granted access to an exclusive inventory of decor rentals that make styling your event an awesome process.
Event Rental Services
Event Rental Services

Go Studios Event Rentals

One of the great attributes of hosting an event in Manhattan at Go Studios is that you get to design your event space to fit your personal specifications. At Go Studios we make the event process an easy and seamless experience. Our team of planners have all the resources needed to help you produce a custom event while within our space. With a full rental inventory featuring collections that range in style from modern to traditional we offer a vast array of decor and prop items that help you stylize your event. We even offer a complete line of staging products that range in size and shape for those events that require elevated risers for speakers and display items. If you are looking to go the extra distance at your event our fabrication has the ability to produce custom decor, staging, displays and branding accents just for you.

Decor Rentals

We provide a full line of lounge rentals and decor accents to help you accessorize your event. With an extensive inventory on hand we make it easy to design an event that will be custom tailored to fit your needs.

Decor Event Rentals NYC

Staging Rentals

We offer a wide range of staging services to choose from for your event. From guest speakers and audio visual setups, to live performances we can handle of your staging needs while at Go Studios. Our services range from standard staging configurations to custom installations built to spec designed to accommodate specific needs.

Staging Event Rentals New York

Catering Rentals

One of the luxuries supplied to you at Go Studios is having your very own in-house catering team that is equipped to handle all of your catering rentals. From front of the house to back of the house rentals we handle all of the large and small details that incubus the food and beverage of your event.

Catering Rentals for NYC event at Go studios Art Gallery

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