Catering Services at the Go Studios
Catering Services
Delicious cuisine served with a side of award winning service. A inspired food division that helps get the conversation started for you at your next event.
Catering Services
Catering Services

NYC Catering Services at Go Studios

The culinary team at Go Studios prides itself on delivering a first-class hospitality dining experience for guests at special events. With a seasoned hospitality team we are able to deliver much more than just great tasting food for you at your event. From the moment your guest arrive they will be greeted by a friendly staff who is both personable and professional. With the ability to customize your menu prior to your event we are able to incorporate your personality and specifications into the food and beverage plan of your affair. One thing you can always be certain of no matter the occasion is that on your event day, the food will be savory and your cocktails spirited!

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